Writing Your Online Dating Profile

‘Why hasn’t my online dating profile gotten any responses?’ You hear that over and over again, across the web. On site after site, you find these profiles that have been written and they just hang there for years and years, with maybe one reply – from the system administrator welcoming them to the site!

Your picture, as long as it’s a well-done portrait, is at the mercy of your good looks. There’s only so much you can do to improve it.

Take these common problems into consideration. Look at your profile and if it has any of these problems, fix it today! You’ll save our tired eyes, if nothing else.

-Spelling and grammar! If your grasp of your native language is too fuzzy, we recommend that you compose your profile in an office document program such as Word, Star Office, ABIWord, or any text editor with a spell checker. Anybody with an education past high school will be turned off by bad spelling and poor grasp of punctuation and grammar.

-Too short! How are you going to compete against 3,500 other profiles on the site, and convince somebody that you’re the one they want to be with, if all you’ll do is write one skinny paragraph? Come up with something, anything to say! Tell a joke if you have to. Tell an interesting thing that happened to you. Talk about your views on politics, religion, philosophy, what hobbies you have, what books you like, anything.

-Too wimpy or whiny! ‘Life isn’t fair!’ ‘Where have all the good guys gone?’ ‘Are any decent women left?’ And so on. Look, your potential date hasn’t even contacted you yet, and already they’re getting a taste of what day-to-day life with you is like. Your profile is not the place to dump out anger, frustration, issues, or whine about how lonely you are. If you do these things, you will sound like a loser. If you act like a winner, however, the world will treat you like a winner. This applies in the rest of life, too, by the way.