How to Choose the Right Dating Coach for You

Do you need a little help with your suave? Do you strike out more often than you score? Would you like some advice from a guy who knows how to play the field? If so, you should check into hiring a dating coach to show you how to improve your image and increase your odds.

Finding the right dating coach isn’t as easy as just going to the Yellow Pages and letting your fingers do the walking. You need to carefully screen the available dating coaches to find the perfect guy to teach you the right way to approach, impress and charm the women you meet. Consider these points before hiring your dating coach.

• A good way to start is to ask your friends if they have ever used a dating coach. Ask them if the coach made them feel more confident and helped them have more success than they had previously. Most people are willing to talk about their experience whether it was good or bad.

• Check into the coach’s experience. How long has he been a dating coach? Does he have any references from previous clients? Will the head coach actually handle your classes, or will another lesser-qualified person handle the bulk of the work?

• Find a company that shares your values and understands your ultimate goals.

• Be prepared to be coached. Don’t resist your coach’s advice until you give it a try. Don’t let your insecurities prevent you from confidently implementing any changes that your coach encourages. Remember that changing old habits is not easy. Build on the coach’s advice and adapt it to your own personality.

• Make sure that the company isn’t going to disappear after you enroll in the course. Call the Better Business Bureau, and check a few online review sites to see how other guys feel about the company and the coach.

After you find the right coach, implement his suggestions rapidly. Drop your old habits, and develop some new techniques that will boost your confidence. Practice your exercises whenever you can. It takes some behavior modification to change your approach. Once you adapt, you’ll find a new level of confidence when you talk to a woman you’d like to get to know.

Confidence is very sexy. Women are far more likely to take a chance on a guy who has his act together. A dating coach can turn you from a shrinking violet into a popular, charismatic, entertaining man that women will love to be near.

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